Fix for Command & Conquer: Generals crashing in Mac OS Sierra 10.12

As any Mac user knows, running Command and Conquer Generals (including Zero Hour) tends to crash on startup on a Mac running OS X. Here’s how to fix it.

Launch “Activity Monitor”, and from the “View” menu, choose “All Processes.”

Then, search for “gamed”. If it shows up here, it’s running and C&C Generals will crash immediately.

To get rid of the “gamed” process, you need to open Terminal and type the following command:



Now, when you launch Generals, you will be prompted with several dialog boxes. It’s important that you do NOT select Game Center. You can play multiplayer on the same network WITHOUT Game Center!

On the first dialog, choose “Cancel”.



On the second dialog, choose “Single Player Only”.

Have fun!

Firewall locked you out of screensharing on OS X?

Sadly, I had this experience lately. Even though I had the firewall explicitly set to allow connections using Screen Sharing, for some reason my Mavericks OS X 10.9 server hiccuped and I couldn’t access it via screen sharing.

Here’s how I resolved my dilemma:

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Test whether outbound port is open on Mac OS X 10.9, 10.8, 10.7

Wondering if a certain outbound port on your Mac is open or closed? Here’s a way to test if that port is open using netcat via the command line in terminal, using a free service from

From terminal, enter:

where 443 is the port number you want to test.

Control-c will kill net cat after you get the info you want.

Fix duplicate programs in Finder’s “Open With” list

Right Click, Open With... has lots of duplicates!

Right Click, Open With… has lots of duplicates!

Every once in awhile, Mac OS X seems to lose it’s way with regard to the apps it shows when you right click on a file, and choose “Open With.” For some reason, this is particularly pronounced in Mountain Lion (Apple’s buggiest OS to date).

Here’s how to fix the problem:

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